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Our Philosophy

OUR PHILOSOPHY (HOF) is where the trendy ladies of the world call "Home". Our company's focus is to offer the latest fashion to today's young woman, which helps them make a statement!  The styles are all hand-picked and inspired by women who would love to be dressed in what is sold at "Home of Fashions".

HOF is designed and inspired by the trend-setters who make us who we are! 

HOF believes every Girl has the power to invest in herself and express herself through FASHION. We act as the bridge to give girls that choice by shopping at HOF.

Chilling Tops, Wicked Bottoms, Fit Active wear, Fun Swim, Sexy Plus, Trending accessories and more is all available at the Home of Fashions site. HOF brings you all your needs and desires in one place! 

Home of Fashions was created to inspire the young women of today to shop at a site that they can trust and find all the current trends at affordable prices.  We believe in saving you a buck so you can have more in your pocket to enjoy life – Boom!  We always aim to be different yet listen to our shoppers needs and design trends based on current market trends! Let HOF fashion your world and see what all the buzz is about.  It's an experience we hope will make you always come back for more!  

 Here at, we have a collection of clothing which will make you look good, make you feel great, stay motivated and stay inspired.


Our Mission

The HOF team will work to create styles that makes every young lady look her best and feel confident like no other.  We will make your fashion journey with HOF a unique experience and always make you come back for more!  Millions of shoppers around the world keep coming back and you need to get on the list!

Stay Fabulous,  

Team  HOF